Kji & Co.  Flaunt your beautiful best with skin-loving color cosmetics

Kji & Co. is one of the leading suppliers of semi-permanent color cosmetics and cosmeceutical products in the world.

Our mission is to empower women to be at their beautiful best through quality affordable products that care for their well-being.

We pride ourselves in offering discerning customers a range of quality cosmetic products carefully created using tomorrow’s technology for outstanding beauty today. Serving the international market, we have brightened and beautified the lives of millions of customers in countries like Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Italy, USA, UK, and we are now reaching out to more.

Our vision is a world with women from all walks of life enjoying their beauty and living a fulfilling life achieving their dreams.

Kji for Love & Purity in Beauty

The word “Ji” is derived from the Japanese word meaning “pure”. This embodies our philosophy of providing only the best raw materials sourced from around the world.

Kji & Co. is a brand formed out of love, established at Sept 29, 2009. The founder created this brand and line of products to ensure his wife who loves cosmetics, can enjoy the very best. This is why Kji & Co products are carefully formulated by an experienced & expert team of researchers and scientists, using only 100% natural ingredients that are safe & beneficial for the skin.

Because we believe in precise formulations and strict quality control, all of our products are manufactured in our own factories – 2 fully owned factories in the USA, and 2 co-owned factories in Dovera,Italy and Hyogo, Japan.